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Station Contests

Strut Your Stroller

Official Entry Form
Strut Your Stroller Entry Form

All entries are free. No entries will be taken after 9:30am the morning of the event. Participants must be in line at 10:00am with the YatesMedia van located behind the Civic Center the morning of the event.

All babies will parade in decorated carriages, wagons, strollers, etc., no larger than 42"x 25"x 40" high. NO MOTOR-PROPELLED VEHICLES. During the street parade, walking babies must be restrained and remain in the carriage, wagons, strollers, etc., for safety reasons.

Judging will be Saturday, April 17th immediately following parade. Strollers will be judged on Originality, Creativity, and Safety. Walking babies, to be judged, must walk as part of a decorated unit. Judges will confer to reach a majority decision, AND THEIR DECISION WILL BE FINAL.

No exotic or live animals allowed.

Babies must not have attained his/her third birthday before Saturday, April 17th.

Safety First

Never alter your stroller in any way that impedes its basic safety features such as harnesses and brakes. Attach decorations securely and keep an eye out that baby doesn't find bunting tastier than strained peas. Most important: Know your baby. If they are at the 'everything in the mouth' phase, be sure to fasten decorations securely and not have any small pieces handy for baby to grab off.

Too Much Is Not Possible

This is exactly the time to reach for the ridiculous. You can't overdo decorating a baby stroller. Half of the fun is seeing who can come up with the most outrageous idea. And don't forget to decorate the passenger.

Think outside the box. This is the most important tip. If you are participating in a decorating contest, originality counts big. More is more. This is not the time to be subtle. Over the top and downright gaudy is called for. It's easy and fun when you let your imagination go.

For more information contact: Laurie Bentley at 936-634-4584 or


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